Conveyance Records: The Conveyance Index is organized by names of Vendor (person selling, donating or alienating immovable property) and Vendee (person receiving a right or interest in immovable property). The filings are indexed in the order received for recording by the Clerk of Court. These records contain immovable property transactions such as Deeds, Exchanges, Partitions, Judgment's of Possession, Leases, Oil and Gas Leases, Royalty Deeds, Right of Ways, Bond Records, Partnerships, Assumed Names, Plats and other instruments, the effect of which is to transfer an interest or right to immovable property. 

Mortgage Records: The Mortgage Indexing is organized by name of Mortgagor (debtor). The filings are indexed in the order received for recording by the Clerk of Court. These records contain Mortgages, Judgments, Liens, and other encumbrances affecting immovable property.

Cancellations: The staff can affect cancellations on mortgage record books when the proper authority is presented. There are different types of authorities presented to the Clerk of Court depending on what type of encumbrance needs to be cancelled. All notes and authorizations are kept on record with the Clerk of Court after they are presented for cancellation. The Clerk of Court issues a Certificate of Cancellation for proof of the encumbrance that has been cancelled.


The Louisiana Tax Commission has a state wide database, accessible to the public free of charge that is compiled from Louisiana Tax records.



Mortgage and Conveyance Forms available from the Clerk of Court office:

Download Prescription Affidavit Mortgage

Download Cancellation of Judgement

Download Release by Obligee of Judgement

Download Release by Obligee of Mortgage


A schedule of Land Records fees is available by Clicking Here

The Clerk of Court staff are trained professionals; however, they are prohibited from giving any legal advice. Information regarding legal procedures may be obtained in any law library or by contacting an area attorney.

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