Criminal Department


Our Criminal Department staff is responsible for all aspects of processing from opening and indexing new cases to processing the pleadings and filing the documents in the records.


Services include copies of pleadings, certified copies, Acts of Congress and searches. A fee of $1.00 per page is charged for copies.  A certification charge of $5.00 is applied for all certified copies.

A list of our standard fees is available by CLICKING HEREThe Criminal Department is also responsible for keeping the minutes of all criminal while in session, transcribing the matters of court into minute books in accordance with the law. The Criminal Minute Clerk receives all exhibits and evidence entered by the court at trial, as well as administers the necessary oaths to parties and witnesses.-/p>


CLICK HERE for detailed information on the Expungement process and downloadable forms.

CLICK HERE for detailed information on the Expungement process for DWI and Motor Vehicle violations.

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The Clerk of Court staff are trained professionals; however, they are prohibited from giving any legal advice. Information regarding legal procedures may be obtained in any law library or by contacting an area attorney.

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